API Keys

What they are, how to find them and use them.

Your API requests are authenticated using your API Keys.An exception will be thrown should your key not be included in your API request or be malformed in one way or the other.

You can make API requests to either the live or staging environments and are completely distinct from each other. Staging API keys will not work on the live environment and vice - versa.

Your API keys come in pairs: the public key and the secret key.

Public keys are meant to be used from your front-end when integrating using BoltPay Inline, in mobile SDKs and shopping cart plugins.

By design, public keys cannot modify any part of your account other than initiating your transactions. The secret keys however, are to be kept secret and should never be included in any client-facing code.

Getting your API Keys

Your API keys are available on the dashboard. Click "Settings" on the sidebar and then navigate to the "BoltPay Inline" tab


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