Process your online card payment collection with ease

With a high approval rating, BoltPay allows you collect payments from your customers with Visa and Mastercard branded cards.

All your important payment processing metrics at a glance

Monitor the important metrics such as chargeback ratio, approval rating, gross processed volume with ease. This helps you keep track of your performance and have a real-time assessment of your revenue collection.

Integrate seamlessly with our APIs and Plugins

Do you use a shopping cart or a custom-built website? Not to worry, we have the right solution for you. Our WooCommerce Plugins, In-Line API and Redirect Hosted Payment Page can be set up as quickly as you want it to be.

Recurrent Billing

Set up recurrent subscription payment collection at any duration. Our system will automatically charge your customer’s card at the set duration.

Seamless set-up with plugins

If you use a shopping cart, you need not worry.You can easily set up our payment product in your shopping cart settings.

Auth/Capture functionality

Do you want to authorize an amount on your customer’ s card and capture the amount at a later time? BoltPay enables you achieve this with ease.